14 April 2014
International Workshop on Semantic Interoperability

International experts in the field of health information semantics came together for a three-day in-depth workshop to explore best practices in how to standardise the meaning of clinical information within electronic health records.

26 September 2013
Edinburgh 2013 SWAT4LS

SWAT4LS is a workshop that provides a venue to present and discuss benefits and limits of the adoption of Web based information systems and Semantic technologies in biomedical informatics and computational biology.

17 September 2013
Enabling Europe-wide semantic interoperability: building a European Virtual Organisation- results from an expert workshop

Semantic interoperability (SIOP) is a critical need to support the widespread sharing of electronic health records, and their safe interpretation. Therefor achieving SIOP of electronic health information is also a key ambition of projects funded by the European Commission. A recent business modeling workshop has analyzed how a European Virtual Organisation can help focus current development efforts in this field.

01 July 2013
Computer Sciences Cooperation (CSC) GmbH in Munich hosts next consortium meeting

The next SemanticHealthNet consortium meeting will take place on 11 and 12 September 2013, in Munich. Like the previous consortium meeting organized in Ghent (September 2012), European experts will also be invited. One of the goals is to present and discuss the current project results interactively with the experts, representing different domains: professional associations, governance , industry, ontology, professional and related R&D Projects.

01 April 2013
First year deliverables
07 May 2013
SemanticHealthNet videos
26 November 2014
Announcement of an Industry Forum on Semantic Interoperability

Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th January 2015,  Brussels