Computer Sciences Cooperation (CSC) GmbH in Munich hosts next consortium meeting

The next SemanticHealthNet consortium meeting will take place on 11 and 12 September 2013, in Munich. Like the previous consortium meeting organized in Ghent (September 2012), European experts will also be invited. One of the goals is to present and discuss the current project results interactively with the experts, representing different domains: professional associations, governance , industry, ontology, professional and related R&D Projects.
The meeting will be hosted by the Computer Sciences Cooperation (CSC) GmbH in Munich (CSC is not a financial beneficiary of our project). The project welcomes this positive signal from industry. It clearly signals the importance of the SemanticHealthNet project and Semantic Interoperability to the industry. We are grateful to CSC and to Jörg Kranzlein for hosting our meeting.