EuroRec at eHealth Week 2015 | RIGA, LATVIA

12 May 2015 16:30 - 18:30
International Exhibition Centre Kipsala



Trusted reuse of health data for research - showcasing European project results


Goal of the session

  1. To present the results of advanced stage European projects enabling the reuse of electronic health records for research
  2. To extend into a demonstration session where participants can see software demos put on by invited projects, and discuss partnership opportunities over cocktails and canapés


There is increasing recognition of the tremendous benefits to research, and to public health and health service planning from the analysis of health data originating from direct patient care. Such data are classified as personal data and protected by a European Directive as well as national legislation, and local policies, throughout Europe. Solutions for the reuse of data for research therefore have to ensure compliance to such legislation. Another challenge that has to be addressed is the heterogeneity of electronic health record systems and of the semantics within the data. Another very important challenge, common to many European projects, that will also be discussed is how to enable the sustainability of R&D results.

This session is open to all participants, but will be of special relevance to individuals and organizations involved in scaling up the reuse of health data for research, at national and European levels. The projects will explain the different research scenarios they each have tackled, and in particular emphasise and explain their approaches to protecting patient privacy and information governance, to semantic interoperability and the challenge of sustainability. The projects involved in this session are at an advanced stage (near to completion) and have some concrete and validated approaches to these issues to present.

The session lasts for one hour, and will be followed by a further one hour walk-around demonstration session in which European projects active in this field will hold software demonstrations and offer networking and partnering opportunities for using the results they have developed. .


Trusted Reuse of Health Data for Research - Showcasing European Project Results (16:00 - 17u30)

  1. Opening welcome, objectives of the session:
    Georges De Moor, University Ghent.
  2. Showcasing presentations from three example EC projects, all at an advanced stage of maturity and with exploitable results (re-usable and adoptable):

    Andreas Schmidt, Project Coordinator Deputy, Manager European External Collaborations, F Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Basel Switzerland

    Anil Sinaci, Deputy Coordinator, SRDC Software Research, Development and Consultancy, Turkeyey

    Brendan Delaney, Chair in Primary Care Research, King's College, London, UK
  3. The importance of certifying the platforms, services and tools used for research on health data.
    Pascal Coorevits, Vice President Research, The EuroRec Institute, Belgium
  4. Closing presentation: The importance of sustainability and announcing the European Institute for Innovation Through Health Data.
    Dipak Kalra, President, The EuroRec Institute, Belgium
  5. Intoduction Exhibition:
    Dipak Kalra, President, The EuroRec Institute, Belgium


Project demonstrations (17.30 – 18.30)

Demonstrations, running in parallel on six tables near to the scientific session and held immediately afterwards

  1. The European Institute for Innovation Through Health Data: Dipak Kalra
  2. A European platform for patient recruitment: Brecht Claerhout
  3. SALUS: Anil Sinaci
  4. TRANSFoRM: Brendan Delaney
  5. PARENT: reusing EHRs for disease registries: Tomaz Gornik
  6. EuroRec quality labelling tools: Pascal Coorevits, Geert Thienpont


This demonstration session will be accompanied by cocktails and canapés.



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