Summary year 1 report

The focus of year 1 was to understand the kinds of information needed for the management of heart failure and for cardiovascular prevention. Example clinical case-note narratives, structured data set definitions, examples of structured (de-identified) patient records and clinical guidelines were collated and shared with the informatics teams who examined the challenges in representing these using their different standards and approaches. Evidence was collected on the theme of cardiovascular disease prevention as an example of public health practice requiring semantically interoperable resources.

WP4 (Workstream II) developed example models covering the heart failure use case and examined the different approaches that may be adopted to representing clinical meaning. 

Within Workstream III, WP7 ran a successful workshop comprising relevant sets of stakeholders, and undertook an initial analysis of their characteristics and needs in relation to semantic interoperability.

By the end of the first reporting period, 21 European experts had signed subcontracting agreement. The experts were well represented during the Consortium Meeting in Ghent, Belgium (September 2012) followed by a joint meeting organised by eHGI (eHealth Governance Initiative).